So on Sunday I managed to finally get out and maiden my L-39 Jet... superb!

A number of my flying buddies fly the L-39; and rate it very highly.    After much deliberation I decided to bite the bullet and get one. I have not been disapointed.

Build wise.. as with all freewing models it was super easy.   30 minutes of faffing with screws and control links and I was good to go. 

What took longer was getting my FPV Cockpit up and running. As per my other FPV jet; I decided to go 'raw'.  So essentially no flight controller.    So full on manual mode for me.

I do have a small matek fc on board; however this is only used to feed GPS and OSD information to the DJI air unit.

I think the end result and flying performance has been fantastic. I am sure you would agree.

This video is the maiden flight - goggles on!


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