My buddy Ralph and I set out on a mission to fly the Avios HU-16 Albatros from a local canal.....  Now make no mistake. Finding a location near us to fly has been difficult. Greater london is so populated that on any decent day for a maiden - the waterways are crowded with picknickers and their floaty boat things!

The good news is that we finally found a moment.  The day was stormy... nobody was going to be out on the canal...    massive shower... and then.. wait..   a clearing. No wind.   Sunshine... Perfect!

So what do I think? Well this was my first time taking off and landing on water.. and it was a real challenge.   I was scared. But all up it went rather well.

Ralph managed to get some fantastic footage! Check it out in this video.

L-39 DJI FPV Maiden Flight
On sunday I managed to maiden my FPV enabled L-39 Jet......
Stop trying to freestyle the new dji fpv drone - if you are learning!
Seriously guys.. you will break it. Just get a proper freestyle quad and learn on that first....
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