I have always had a love of soaring.    Many years ago - the slope was where I started flying!

It was only a matter of time then before I made an FPV Glider.  My first was many years ago. An SZD-Ogar.

This one is something new - a little 2.6m span ASW-28 Glider - running DJI FPV with a pan camera setup.

All up I am really happy with the build of the model.

I have had to do a few standard and well document mods to suit fpv; printed and designed a few new parts etc...     

The end result is fabulous!

Check out the video here:

T-33 Shooting Star - FPV Maiden
I was not sure this would work well as an FPV jet.. but all up results are stunning!...
E-Flite Draco FPV Conversion
Converting the Draco to fpv has proven to be... challenging!...
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