I have a real habit of trying to convert my EDF Jets to a full FPV setup.  To do this I have a few requirements.

1.  I need to be able to look around - head tracker!

2.  I like to see the cockpit - as if I am in the aircraft, so no camera on the nose etc

3. I dont want to trash my lovely edf; so the whole setup must be easily removable.

Well.. I think that those points have been answered with the T-33.    Its a simple FPV mod in which I have used a 'spare' canopy and installed a pan servo in the rear pilot position - with the fantastic DJI setup to provide excellent video quality!

Check out the flight video.  It looks great!

Using a vario sensor to warn me to deploy my landing gear!
I setup a telemetry control to remind me to deploy my landing gear!...
Volantex ASW-28 FPV Glider
So I whipped together an ASW-28 FPV cockpit and took it for a spin....
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