Today I popped out with some buddies to the TVSF club site.  The mission of the day being to test fly the Arrows Hobby Viper Jet.

Now.. make no mistake. This thing is tiny.  Compared to my bigger models it looks utterly diminutive!  You can see it sitting happily on the back of my SU35!

So what do you get for your money? Well.. one hell of a lot!

- Highly detailed pre-painted EPO foam airframe.

- Glue- and screw-together assembly.

- High-quality pre-installed hardware.

- Superior ball joint control linkages.

- Outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

- Secure easy-lift latch-retained canopy.

- Retract-free, fly anywhere simplicity.

- Suits 3S 11.1V 1300 – 2200mAh 30C LiPo.

- Three pre-installed high-quality digital servos.

- Takes standard 4-channel radio (aileron, elevator, throttle).

- 11-blade fan.

- 30-minute assembly time.

- 10+ minutes on 2200mAh LiPo.

What's in the Box

1x Factory assembled fuselage with decals applied.

1x Factory assembled 1-piece wing with decals applied.

2x Winglet mouldings.

1x Factory assembled 1-piece tailplane with decals applied.

1x Pre-installed 2627 4500KV brushless motor.

1x Pre-installed 30A ESC with XT60 connector.

3x Pre-installed high quality 9g digital servos.

1x Pre-installed 50mm 11-blade fan.

1x Screw set.

1x Comprehensive instruction manual.

How does it fly?

The summary?   It is superb!

There are no real vices to worry about - in my case I have a large battery so I found initial trim to be a smidgeon nose heavy - a few clicks up trim and that was sorted.

For such a small edf; there is bags of power with a near vertical performance being possible.  All aerobatic manoeuvres (that do not use a rudder) are possible. I dare say it even glides rather well! 

I found myself with a smile on my face all day - just buzzing with the thrill of flying it.

Where to buy one?

I purchased mine from Wheel Spin Models.

Flight footage

Flight footage and a bit of waffle can be found on the youtube video..  enjoy!

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