Having recently acquired the Arrows Viper jet -and loved it as a line of sight model; I felt it was time to up the game and convert it to a little pocket dji fpv jet!

To get the ball rolling I took the cover off the canopy and got to work designing a platform for my air unit and pan server.

This is a relatively simple affair

Just a platform with a 'cockpit'; a servo hole and some lugs for the air unit and antenna.

A little bit of sanding; a blast of spray paint... some screwing together of parts and this is the result.

All up quite a good outlook!

Never content with just an open cockpit I then added in some 'canopy curves'.

These help to simulate the overall feel of being inside a cockpit while wearing the goggles.

To get the DJI air unit up and running correctly; I used a small matek F411 wing. This allowed me to turn the air unit from low->high power when arming - additionally also provides me with OSD values to complete the experience.

Next stop was the field -armed with a few 1300mah 3s batteries.

Results where fantastic! Really chuffed with this setup. Flight times are around 5 minutes. Nothing super aggressive or exhilarating -  I suspect a 4s upgrade will deliver that!

But superb all things considered.  A true pocket FPV jet experience!

You can grab the design files from here:


Buy the jet here:


Pan servo here:

Turnigy r5180MG 180


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