I have always been annoyed with there being no easy way to mount anything like a head tracker to my dji goggles.

The issue is simply that the ultra modern dji design does not leave you with any flat surfaces to stick anything too. * progress *

Well.. no more!

I have made a mount that clamps onto the top goggle strap - essentially allowing you a flat surface on which to stick your head tracker!

Result :-)

Drop past thingiverse:


to get the files.

We will soon have some professionally SLS nylon versions up on the shop.   If you want the best.. drop past and grab then on our store!

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Saturday 09th December 2023

Dear Rob,
I have been looking for a good head tracking mounting option on my DJO Goggles for some time and now I came across your 3D model on the internet.
I would really like to print this on my 3D printer, but the file and link are not available.
Can you do this with me? My big thanks in advance. Kind regards, Ard

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